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fall fishing forcast

greetings folks ,
welcome to BLESSED MOON CHARTERS , i am sorry i havent reported in a while , i have been as busy as a cat with 9 tails in a room full of rockers lol....
it has been a great summer . we have caught plenty of fish , of all types . from speckled trout and redfish by the dozens , to big king and spanish mackerel , grouper and trigger fish , to big big red snapper....and speaking of red snapper , check out this ol war horse caught by a very happy angler , along with several others that day . that fish just looks like he has had a hard life , but it finally bit the wrong hook....sometimes those big-uns when landed will look like they have braces , from all the hooks broken off in their lips ....
as i said , it truly has been a great summer , and as fall approaches and the water starts to cool off the bite will only get better...dont forget that in september and october red snapper season will re-open on fridays saturdays and sundays , giving us another chance to put some hard fighting , fine eating fish in the fish box ....
please take a moment out of your day to thank our men and women of the military for their service , and our creator for all his blessings , and folks im not a political type person , but i beg you , please use common sense when you vote this year . this country cant stand another 4 years like the last 8 we`ve had....and remember , if you outlaw guns , only outlaws WILL have guns....and good luck defending your life or family from an armed intruder with a
be well , be safe , and be BLESS-ED , capt steve

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