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Inshore Fishing in Panama City

Inshore charter fishing in Panama City and the entire middle Florida Panhandle from Destin to St Joe for that matter means fishing for species like big redfish, fun to catch speckle trout, and a long list of species that call the NE Gulf of Mexico home.

Panama City Inshore Fishing.

This happy angler proudly displays a medium sized redfish that he just boated while fishing in Panama City Beach region. He was fishing with Panama City fishing guide Captain Steve Roberson and Bless-ed Moon Charters.

Are you ready for some spectacular, fun, and "Bless-ed" charter fishing in Panama City Beach? If you are ready for some excitement then Bless-ed Moon Charters and your knowledgeable fishing guide Captain Steve Roberson is the right man to guide your fishing trip.

Panama City, Florida is located on the middle Panhandle of northwest Florida on St. Andrews Bay and the crystal clear waters of Gulf of Mexico. Panama City Beach is visited each year by thousands and thousands of anglers that includes a wide range of angler types. From the pure amatuer fisherman that is willing to learn to the seasoned pro who is looking to put a new trophy on the wall.

When you visit Panama City you should know that there is fishing in Panama City year round but the spring months and fall months seem to offer the best fishing. The heavy tourist seaon is somewhat slower this time of year too so for fishermen that is good news. That means lodging will be easily found and the beaches and waterways are a bit calmer.

Panama City Redfishing, Panama City Flats Fishing

One of the most popular inshore species to fish for in Panama City is red drum or what is commonly known as a redfish. During certain times of the year redfish move onto the flats where anglers stalk them in as little as a foot of water or even less in some cases. A big strong redfish can fight like a raging underwater bull on the shallow water flats of Panama City and St Andrews Bay and on light tackle they can give even the veteran angler a run for his money.

Panama City Inshore Fishing.

This angler shows off his nice mess of fish that he will now have to clean and get ready for the dinner table.

Panama City flats fishing is the practice of fishing in very shallow water. The flats, which are found throughout all coastal areas of the state of Florida can be fished by wading or by boat. If you are going to fish the flats by boat your best bet is to hire a local Panama City fishing guide as they will have the proper gear and boat for fishing in very shallow water. To fish these shallow waters or flats by boat you need a vessel that has a very shallow draft which just means the boat can get into very shallow areas to pursue their target fish.

Another technique while flats fishing in Panama City is called sight fishing. Because of the shallow water you can see the schooling fish or even a lone fish rather easy allowing you to flip your bait right to the fish. If you are accurate enough with your casting then you can fire your lure right in the path of the fish where you hope he will gobble it down.

One popular area for redfishing in Panama City is St Andrews Bay. In the middle Panhandle region of northwest Florida there are many great fishing regions where redfish are available plus many other popular inshore species. Fishing regions that makeup the best middle panhandle fishing regions include:

  • Panama City fishing locales, which are smack in the middle of the middle panhandle area.
  • St. Andrew's Bay fishing to the west of Panama City represents another Florida hot spot.
  • Destin is located to the west of Panama City and is a top fishing spot on the panhandle.
  • St Joe's fishing area is to the east of Panama City Beach and also offers great redfishing.

Fishing enthusiasts visiting Panama City Beach may want to fish for the most popular fish which is redfish. If you have the family on the boat with your kids then you may want to target some speckle trout which are perfect for the young anglers on board. Redfish and trout are just a couple species available while fishing in Panama City. Other species that may be available include:

Panama City Fish Species Possibly Available
  • Bluefish
  • Cobia
  • Flounder
  • gulf grouper
  • Jack crevelle
  • Ladyfish
  • Redfish
  • Sheepshead
  • Snapper
  • Spadefish
  • Spanish
  • Trout

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